Our Deadly Artists 

Eckybow (Eric Ellis)

Australian Aboriginal Performing Artist Eckybow is a descendant from far north New South Wales Gamilaroi tribe and the Northern Territory Warumungu tribe. As an actor, dancer, didgeridoo player and story teller he has performed for multiple Children theatres around Australia and has toured around the world with Aboriginal Dance Troup Gamilaroi and the Mungindi Dancers and many more. He is a performing artist that has spent years touring Australia and around the world educating and creating awareness about our Indigenous culture. Performed at the opening Ceremony for Commonwealth games Gold Coast 2018.

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Kuku Jalanji (Uncle John Dunn)

Uncle Kuku Yalanji descends from Western Yalanji, his Grand Father was Mularidgi and Grand Mother was Tjapaka, all now linked as KuKu Yalanji. They are known as The Sunset People of the Daintree River region. His works include Aboriginal Religious Art being both Traditional and contemporary, as well as commissions for Local schools and Churches in Melbourne and Canberra. Including story telling – art classes and cultural education.

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Marlon Riley

Marlon is a descendant of the Kuku-Yalangi people of Cape York. He is an accomplished storyteller, song-man and dancer. He has 16 years experience as a Cultural educator at Ngutana-Lui, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Cultural Studies Centre. Marlon is also a mentor to Catholic youth as well as a mentor and role model for Aboriginal children and youths in his community. Performed at the Didgeridoo Bush Camp 2018 

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Martin Ellis

Australian Aboriginal performing artist Martin Ellis descends from the Gamilaroi tribe NSW and the Northern Territory Warumungu tribe. With his performances he is able to take it to an international level and dance around the world. He has performed with different groups such as the Mungindi dancers as well as different agents who have travelled all over the world with iconic bands and singer songwriters.  As a performing artist his talents include traditional Aboriginal dancing, digeridoo playing, cultural tutor of Aboriginal artwork and storytelling.

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Craig Weribone - Wright

Australian Aboriginal Performing artist Criag is a descendant of Billair Billair (red crested black cockatoo) of the Gamilaroi and Murawarri Nations, from the Country of the Long Tail Tree Goanna- Toomelahand. He is an active member of the community sharing traditional Indigenous culture with playing the Didgeridoo - dancing – art - Cultural awareness and education. Working with different age groups he has performed for the Australian government for several special events, private and corporate functions celebrating Aboriginal Culture. He is a recognized young professional Aboriginal artist with a powerful passion for his culture. 

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Napalgira (Aunty Lisa Powell)

Performing Cultural artist Lisa , tribal name is NAPALGIRA. This name comes from her Grandmothers country in south western corner of Queensland. Lisa is specialised in Indigenous culture teaching women’s roles and all that is needed to live and survive on the land. She has extensive knowledge in the uses and benefits

of the Australian flora and fauna. These teachings come in many forms including telling and performing stories about the food and resource’s; kindness and conservation of our country, flora and fauna, stories of the Dreaming and creation stories. She teaches traditional dance and cultural stories.

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Ninyieri Banjilann (Aunty Roma Pregarc)

Aunty Roma is a traditional owner from South East Queensland and her ancestral connections are with the Turrbal, Jagera (Yugara) and Danggan Balun (Yugambeh/Ngarangwal) peoples.  Her skin name is ninyieri banjilann (blue butterfly) and she has a clan totem of the wongari (pretty faced wallaby).  The mibunn (wedge tailed eagle) represents one of her language group totems.  Most of her time is taken up with working as a community advisor and cultural knowledge giver, and she is a tireless advocate for social and economic change for our First Nations peoples.  Aunty Roma has a Certificate in Aboriginal Cultural Arts and also holds a Certificate in Corporate Governance with the Office of the Registrar of Indigenous Corporations.  

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Serpent Tales

Serpent Tales (brothers from other mothers) is a creative duo based in Brisbane on the Southeast Coast of Queensland, Australia. With there own unique sound, they bring two cultures together with a mix of multicultural contemporary world music and Australian Aboriginal Didgeridoo with dance and storytelling. They Combine their didgeridoos with acoustic guitars - electric guitars - bass guitar - clap sticks - stomp box - percussion and vocals. Through a wide range of influences they blend blues/ roots with dance rhythms and traditional song lines. They have performed at the opening Ceremony for Commonwealth games Gold Coast 2018 with the Four Wind Didgeridoo Orchestra. 

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Cory Simpson

Australian Aboriginal Performing Artist Cory Simpson is a descendant from Queensland Wakka Wakka tribe.  As an dancer, didgeridoo player and story teller/cultural educator he has performed for multiple theatres around Australia and around the world with dance mobs and as a Didgeridoo player

He is a performing artist that has spent years touring Australia and educating and creating awareness about our Indigenous culture and smoking ceremonies. Performing at the State of Origin and Spirit of the Red sands.

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Cory Simpson performing for Didgeridoo Festivals 2021